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Nighthorse Media is run by a collection of chaps and chappettes who love making good jokes for the internet. Spawned from the death of Overclocked After Dark, we still have that good ole cone-dick feel, just a different cone-dick place. We currently make many works of the fundutainment variety, including Dramatically Drunken Fanfiction, First Achievement Reviews, and Let’s Glitch. Many wizards sacrifice their time and sanity to bring these things to you:


Logan “ViralDemon” Jenkins

President, Web Master, Head Admininstrator.  Born of a the forbidden science designed to combine all the good things about being tall and having beard. As a distinguished bwuisness man, Logan attempts to lead this rabble of merry-men and direct them in a sensible manner. This has literally never worked.

Stevo “Level99″ Bortz

Head of Creative Consulting, Media Management, Good Idea-er. Stevo defines himself as a man’s man and aspires to be a man’s man’s man.  He and his beard, and sometimes his wife and dog, hang around the house a lot and let in many a strange and weird folk.  It’s due to these folks that he’s currently in the situation he’s in: having a bunch of crazy white people (and sometimes not) over to play games and paint his basement bad colors. Desperately in need of a life changing bladder enlargement surgury.

David “Brushfire” Hubbard

Command Insultant, Horse Fantasizer, Man-handler. David Hubbard was born Tad Winslow to the late Martha and Thomas Winslow. He changed his name in 1854 to more match the less than posh urban enviornment that he found himself in. He co-founded Nighthorse Media after a failed bid to Podcast happened.

Val “Vilecat” Legendre

In-house Artist, Maple Syrup Elemental.