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Monthly Archives: May 2013

We brought on the boys from WeHateVideoGames again to play the hypest party game of the century is sure to be a hit with the frats, Faerie Solitaire! Not only is it fast paced, but it’s great for yelling at your friends for how much they suck at cards.


Ever been eating ramen and thought “Hey, this isn’t bad enough for me. It needs something else…” or maybe drinking lemonade, and thought “Hey, there isn’t enough solid matter in my drink” ? Well do we have the solution for you! Introducing, Ramenade, the cool drink that you can eat!

Want to know how to make Ramenade? Check out the recipe and talk about your love for Ramenade on our forums!


Today we are visited once again by the boys from WeHateVideogames. Their divine leader, Dr. Rance Quest Magnum, imparted upon us the knowledge of how to reset a VCR so that it will stop blinking 12:00 over and over.


This time on Going the Distance, Stevo decides to cheat and take a second try at besting Logan’s record. Just remember kids, cheaters never win.


David plays a super quality MMORPG, that isn’t very massive, or good for that matter. It really says something about a game when the tutorial level is this unintelligible.


On this First Achievement Review, Stevo plays some Blood Dragon, or rather, forces Logan to sit through 20 minutes of boring credits for a few seconds of gameplay. Way to go Steve. Way to go.