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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Stevo was forced to play the jet pack calamity that is Dark Void. We were also joined by Dr. Rance Quest Magnum, SpaceFunkyB.O.B, and Keith Courage, the halfwits behind WeHateVideogames! To see their content, check them out at or over at


Troy and Logan duke it out to see who can be the first to unlock an achievement in Justimuss: In God we Trust. Who will win the prize of getting to review the game?


This time on Going the Distance, Logan tries to beat David’s terrible record of Vanilla Dome 1. Can He do it? Yeah, probably.

We bring you the premiere of our new series, Going the Distance, a series where each of us will play a game for as long as we can on a set amount of lives. For our first episode, we bring you David playing Super Mario World with a life limit of 5. Too bad 5 clearly isn’t enough for him.


David plays Memory Matrix for the 32X, the newest, bestest simulation of hunting people down in the American revolution. Good thing the world totally ended in 2012, or this game might not be a factual retelling of past events.


We played a whole bunch of Super Wagon Adventure: The Birth of Joojkins. This game has so much cool, unlockable content, we played it for about an hour, then decided, “Hey, we should film this !” What followed was the beautiful success we now bring to you.

Steve plays Shank, a game that everyone should get because it is everything good about a hack-n-slash game, but in Mexico.


This is it. It’s finally here. You guys demanded it, so here it is. The world premiere of OverClocked Rasslin’, our newest and most ambitious series to date!!! Join Dakid, Joojkins, and Stebognine as they bring the bizz on all the hypest matches that we know you want to see!

Tonight, we bring you three great matches, starting with Larry Oji and OA battling against Brandon Strader and Peter Buglino in a tag team match. Next we bring you DragonAvenger versus Diotrans in a firey deathmatch. And lastly, for the main event, we bring you Level 99 and DJ Pretzel duking it out for a chance at the belt!