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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Dave plays some Bad Rats in what was one of the first videos we made. And oh god was it bad. Will he rage, or will he achievement get? Note: This video contains dumb images of wierd animal cruelty.


Rocketbirds, part 2! The save game was lost in one of Stevo’s many….MANY computer reformats. This time, however, they figure out that you do not have to have someone die on the fucking button. David finds plenty of things to rage about, and Stevo finds many of ways to suck at this game through Chapter 4.



David plays one of Stevo’s favorite games from his childhood. Stevo has to give David an ad-hoc tutorial on how to play the game, since it was made back when people read the manuals and learned by playing and David has NO TIME FOR THAT.

Purple Pants!


Today on First Achievement Reviews, we bring you two games, Roller Coaster Rampage and Dead Horde.

Steve hops on Roller Coaster Rampage with great excitement! His excitement is quickly replaced with dark, repressed feelings of being alone in an uncaring world when he realizes he is not play the game of his dreams.

Logan and Steve sit dow and eat some delicious chips. We also play the first few minutes of Dead Horde. Really says something when the intro is just as long as the gameplay segment.


Today we bring you the first in our series of First Achievement Reviews, a show where we play til the first achievement and then review it.

This episode we find David playing Secret of the Magic Crystals, a “game” about training to be the best horse that ever horsed.

Forum Thread: Leave your thoughts here!


Today we premiere No Skill Gaming, a show where David and Stevo play through co-op games and fail miserably (at least Stevo normally does).


The first episodes shows them taking on Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.  I personally love the sound David makes around the 22:30 mark.  Really, REALLY satisfying.


Forum Thread:


This new year is bringing great things for Nighthorse.  Mostly because this is the first year Nighthorse will have been in existence.  This includes, but is not limited to:

* Premium Membership Rewards

* Low Interest Rates until 2004

* A Family Vacation!

* Easy to take online courses in both Carpentry and Botony

* An actual website where we put all the things we’re working on, have forums, and so much more.

* Hand Egg


We’re in the process of creating all the emails and making all the pages and whatnot, so please bear (as in grizzly bear) with us as we get things settled here.