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Category Archives: Going the Distance

We wrap up playing Donkey Kong Country with David trying to beat Steve’s record and win all of the bananas. Witness the ANGUISH!


Thrill as Stevo does the slowest speed run of Donkey Kong Country ever. But will he be able to beat Logan’s abysmal record? Yeah, probably.


You guys asked for more Going the Distance, so we have a bunch more geared up for you guys! This time, Logan does super terrible at some Donkey Kong Country. Like seriously. So bad.


This time on Going the Distance, Stevo decides to cheat and take a second try at besting Logan’s record. Just remember kids, cheaters never win.


This time on Going the Distance, Logan tries to beat David’s terrible record of Vanilla Dome 1. Can He do it? Yeah, probably.

We bring you the premiere of our new series, Going the Distance, a series where each of us will play a game for as long as we can on a set amount of lives. For our first episode, we bring you David playing Super Mario World with a life limit of 5. Too bad 5 clearly isn’t enough for him.