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Category Archives: Videos

We bring the WeHateVideogames guys to you once more in this display of true masculine limit pushing. This time, all of them have to get an achievement to be aloud to leave the house.


The next installment in the long awaited Rocketbirds series. Will they be able to overcome their incompetence and make some real progress? Can their marriage last? We can only hope.


Today on First Achievement Reviews, David is forced to enjoy the bluest drink from all of Canada.

Logan clashes with the Kinect as he plays Kinect Adventures, better known as the origin of the “Game Boat”.


We bring you a new series, The Ramenade Chronicles! For the first episode we bring you us eating Shrimp Ramen boiled in lemonade. Also known as the worst thing that has ever been committed to soup. 0/10 Would not do again.


We wrap up playing Donkey Kong Country with David trying to beat Steve’s record and win all of the bananas. Witness the ANGUISH!


Thrill as Stevo does the slowest speed run of Donkey Kong Country ever. But will he be able to beat Logan’s abysmal record? Yeah, probably.


Sometimes, shit goes wrong. Footage gets lost, programs don’t work, or STEVE FORGETS TO HIT RECORD. So we bring to you a continuing series of videos that got totally messed up.


You guys asked for more Going the Distance, so we have a bunch more geared up for you guys! This time, Logan does super terrible at some Donkey Kong Country. Like seriously. So bad.


Logan plays some Magicka, mixes up some spells, sits upon the laps of men, and sings some merry tunes.


Stevo gets to play the game based on his second greatest love in life(First love is Homestarrunner), The Simpsons. But when he gets the achievement, how will he take it?