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Category Archives: Updates

Ever been eating ramen and thought “Hey, this isn’t bad enough for me. It needs something else…” or maybe drinking lemonade, and thought “Hey, there isn’t enough solid matter in my drink” ? Well do we have the solution for you! Introducing, Ramenade, the cool drink that you can eat!

Want to know how to make Ramenade? Check out the recipe and talk about your love for Ramenade on our forums!


This is it. It’s finally here. You guys demanded it, so here it is. The world premiere of OverClocked Rasslin’, our newest and most ambitious series to date!!! Join Dakid, Joojkins, and Stebognine as they bring the bizz on all the hypest matches that we know you want to see!

Tonight, we bring you three great matches, starting with Larry Oji and OA battling against Brandon Strader and Peter Buglino in a tag team match. Next we bring you DragonAvenger versus Diotrans in a firey deathmatch. And lastly, for the main event, we bring you Level 99 and DJ Pretzel duking it out for a chance at the belt!




This new year is bringing great things for Nighthorse.  Mostly because this is the first year Nighthorse will have been in existence.  This includes, but is not limited to:

* Premium Membership Rewards

* Low Interest Rates until 2004

* A Family Vacation!

* Easy to take online courses in both Carpentry and Botony

* An actual website where we put all the things we’re working on, have forums, and so much more.

* Hand Egg


We’re in the process of creating all the emails and making all the pages and whatnot, so please bear (as in grizzly bear) with us as we get things settled here.